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Please tell us anything else you are looking for or that is on your mind that we haven't listed here. Feel free to tell us which of the above are most important, or in which order they matter to you. Tell us any strategies you may have regarding synergies and efficiencies that will allow you to have an advantage over competition and what we can specifically search for to help you put that advantage to work. Tell us as much or as little as you wish, the more we know, the more we'll be happy and able to help.
If necessary, if we haven't worked together prior to this, do you have some form of proof of funds readily available?
We will make every effort to find what you are looking for and convey to them that there is substantial interest in their business. If they would like to entertain an offer and have us represent them in the deal, all is perfect. If they are not willing to pay us a fee to represent them in the transaction, can we work something out to represent you the buyer instead so that our time and effort is compensated fairly?