two men discussing healthcare business consultant services

At Moro Partners, our behavioral health business advisory services are comprehensive and personalized. We provide services such as consulting, merger and acquisition advising, court appearances, valuations, and other necessary consulting.

Considerations for Buyers

Are you looking to buy to enter an industry or to expand your current footprint in a particular field? Horizontally or vertically? Are you adding another piece to a healthcare platform, or beginning the platform, or looking to gain market share and beat competition? The reason you are looking to buy affects the strategy and plan our partners design for you. If you are looking to enter a space, we can help determine and locate the best target for you. If expansion is the goal, then Moro Partners can lead you to options that can add services, levels of care, increase your company’s geographic reach, collect more contacts, add a new brand, or simply take over the competition. We can lead you to potential targets that are not currently on the market to be sold. Our consultant services can analyze your revenue potential, provide you with plans on how to increase efficiencies, and streamline the operations of the business you’re looking to acquire while lowering your overall acquisition cost.

Considerations for Sellers

Selling your business doesn’t have to be daunting. However, it’s important that sellers are clear with themselves and their stakeholders about what exactly their goals are. Are you selling all or only a portion of your business? What is your motivation for doing so, and what’s the ideal scenario? What will be your role after selling? Will you continue to work or will you need an exit strategy or succession plan? Are you retiring? All of these questions will impact the best plans to approach selling your business. Fortunately, Moro Partners understands the pros and cons of nearly every situation and has seen them. We help sellers start making plans early. Our services can help with visualizing your future, setting expectations, mitigating risk, establishing a timeline or timeframe within which to achieve your goals, and making the selling process smooth and a positive reality. Moro Partners can guide you through the process as we have for many others. We filter out buyers with unrealistic expectations and demands, and we can recognize the hallmarks of unprofessional behavior, systems, and processes and help sellers avoid these pitfalls. We help you understand and prepare for the process so that there are few surprises, business runs as usual, things are confidential and safe, and you end up with an executed transaction that exceeds expectations!

Discover More About Moro Partner’s Behavioral Health Business Advisory Services

As experienced and expert consultants, Moro Partners customizes our services to what our client’s goals and needs are. We’re not afraid to ask the tough questions and help find answers, but we’re always advocating for our clients. Some of the consultant services we provide include:

  • Regular meetings and visits with clients to address a certain problem or opportunity that’s been identified and requested
  • Willingness to partner with other professionals our clients are using to increase the value of their overall business
  • Offering valuations and court appearances
  • Growth, real estate, operations, human capital and staffing, licensing and accreditation, legal and compliance, and business planning

Contact us today at 502.718.9531 to learn more about how we can support your business goals. Currently, we service all forms of behavioral health companies, including but not limited to substance use disorder treatment, autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), medication-assisted treatment (MAT), eating disorder treatment, and mental health treatment. We’re familiar with your industry and can help you achieve your goals.