lakeviewSelling a business involves several moving parts and can present individuals and companies with a challenging amount of information to collect and sort through. While behavioral health company sellers want to get the most they can for their business, service, and assets, they can often get sidetracked or overwhelmed by the process. Thus, having support can make all the difference. Here at Moro Partners, we have the expertise to help.

What Behavioral Health Businesses Need to Know When Its Time to Sell

The first step in selling your behavioral health business is determining its worth. While sellers have a special connection with their business, buyers need to see numbers and have the value of a business objectively assessed. Determining a fair market value gives you as a seller the best sense of what a fair price will be for your business.

Several factors will impact the worth of a business. For instance, practical aspects like location or cash flow are things buyers pay close attention to as well as if the business belongs to an industry in decline or one that is growing. Often, the best judge of a company’s worth is an objective third-party. Moro Partners offers you this point of view. We can reasonably and expertly evaluate your business’s worth showing you how buyers may value your business.

As you move towards selling your business, Moro Partners can support you in assembling the following:

  • Three years’ profit and loss statements
  • Federal income tax returns for the business
  • A Year-to-Date financial statement
  • The approximate value of equipment, fixtures, and other assets

Transparency is important for sellers to embrace if they hope to find reputable buyers who are serious about seeing the process to completion. With current and accurate financial statements, sellers can build trust and attract high-caliber buyers. Also, Moro Partners can help behavioral health company sellers show buyers trends in the industry as well as how the business is poised to benefit from it.

Keeping Your Focus as a Seller

In any business transaction, there will be unforeseen issues. However, Moro Partners aims to eliminate surprises and make the road for behavioral health company sellers a smooth one. We review every facet of your company, help you remedy issues that could affect appeal to buyers, and stand as your advocate at the process moves through its several stages.

We look forward to working with you in finding a suitable buyer for your business. When selling your business, it’s vital to keep everyday operations running smoothly and as normal. Buyers want to see a well-functioning business so maintaining normal operating hours, keeping revenues moving in a positive direction, and keeping your business operating and looking its best is key. Buyers need to see a business at its best in order for you as a seller to be in the strongest position possible.

Ask yourself what you could do to make your business more attractive. But don’t let yourself become obsessed with optics. Rather, make sure your business’s financial records are clear and organized. When buyers see an active, transparent, and well-functioning business, they are more engaged in the process. While you continue to do this, Moro Partners can help to analyze your strengths to make suggestions so the business is more sellable and attracts buyers.

Contact Moro Partners for Services for Sellers

One of the advantages we offer behavioral health company sellers at Moro Partners is looking at your business from the point of view of potential buyers. We can explain to sellers just where they need to focus their attention to make their business as lucrative to buy as possible. Then, we can walk sellers through the process making sure the end goals and desires are attained. Contact us today at 502.718.9531 to explore our consulting services in more detail.