Our mission at Moro Partners is to aid clients in consolidating behavioral health in a simple, honest, and stress-free manner. Doing so increases the likelihood that the market matures smoothly, and the result will be a well-diversified, efficiently performing industry that serves its patients to the best of its ability at an affordable cost with positively improving results. We hope both to be a part of and to facilitate that transition.


Moro Partners Branded Mountain Landscape BackgroundMoro Partners is a boutique merger and acquisition advisory firm that was developed to help behavioral health companies navigate their way through important decisions around growth, operations, and mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, we help these businesses continue to serve patients while dealing with complex issues. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a behavioral health company, you want to grow your business, or you have a specific strategy or operational question, our team can help.

The team at Moro Partners has the market knowledge and industry-relevant experience to guide those who are looking to buy or sell a behavioral health company. Working in a niche market, the partners at Moro Partners are equipped to understand the market intricacies of the industry. With the relationships and connections they have established in the industry, our partners are able to offer insight into strategies and techniques for growth, as well as understanding and taking advantage of current industry trends and hot buttons, adding additional value for our clients.

Working solely with behavioral health companies, our portfolio of work includes businesses that specialize in intellectual or developmental disabilities, autism therapy, substance use disorder treatment, mental health treatment, medication-assisted treatment, eating disorder treatment, process disorder addiction treatment, and more.

What We Do

The partners at Moro Partners serve as comprehensive consultants providing simple and straightforward processes for savvy behavioral health business owners. Our means produce predictable results such as better structure, less stress, and more value through our unique capabilities and expertise. We offer various services and advice to companies as they consider their future. This can run the gamut of current operational efficiency, growth plans and adding value, exit strategy, confidence in making the right decisions, and anything in between. We are here to be a resource and guide. To do so, we make our values and expertise clear. Clients can rest assured knowing that:

  • We care about the industry and the patient population and want to do our best to help make a significant positive impact in any way we can.
  • We possess extensive knowledge and expertise of the marketplace and its players. Our close and long-term relationships allow us to know which people want and need which aspects of a business, and what aspects create the best synergies and most value for all involved parties.
  • We make the process as straightforward, simple, streamlined, and stress-free as possible. We will get all the necessary details to take the burden off the owner so they can continue to run the business while we take care of the minutiae of any process.

Further Factors to Consider

Moro Partners understands that a consultant should vet the interested parties in your asset for sale, weeding out those who are only shopping and lack the actual capability to execute the transaction. Our discerning team knows how to pinpoint interested parties as well as eliminate those without the means or will to take the process through to fruition. Our techniques are always evolving, so we can provide sector-specific strategies to buyers and sellers. Doing so ensures our clients are in sync with the demands of the market and get the most value out of their assets. Moro Partners is built on a foundation of extensive healthcare transaction success and continuous improvement. We stand out by tailoring our methods to our clients’ objectives, and, in so doing, our process ensures a successful closing. We achieve this by maximizing competition via highly coordinated and customized campaigns. Throughout the entire process, we maintain confidentiality and trust, leading to confidence in minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your business.

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