As you probably are already aware, the value of an asset is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it. The value is dependent upon the asset type, the industry, current economy, etc. However, if we can gather a few general pieces of information from you, we can give you a pretty good idea of the current value in the market. Contact us today to start this process.

We will contact you either by phone or email with an answer, as well as some ideas to increase the value, and the current market appetite for your company specifically.

Thanks for reaching out. We promise to value your time as much as we do our own. Your responses are completely confidential and will be kept secure and private.

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Which one most closely identifies your main purpose of business?
Are there multiple locations? How many beds are there? How many patients are served?
How are you paid?
Knowing the ratio of each if you accept more than one is also very helpful.
As we mentioned, all information is confidential and kept private, and these pieces of information obviously greatly affect the valuation of a business. Revenue should be yearly or monthly number, and margin a percentage of that number that is left over after expenses during the same time period. Example - $1,000,000 revenue per year & 15% profit margin.
Where do your patients come from? How do you find each other?
Select all that apply. Knowing the ratios to each segment or source is also very valuable, as well as the cost of each.
Total Spending on sales, marketing, etc. divided by total number of patients admitted.
This can be from any respected legitimate accrediting organization in your field.
If not, what is the ownership mix? Example - This company is a 50/50 partnership or This company has 10 shareholders....